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First Post.

This is my first post in this blog. I’ve left my old blog’s posts to die as they do not have a point any more. They ere mostly about Janet. What kind of moron will blog only about his GF? My kind :p

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Honestly, I do not actually care about you enjoying my blog much. For the sake of being polite and nice, I shall pretend to care about it a lot. I’ll however try to make the posts enjoyable for myself. You can save your ‘Sunny is Selfish!’ to yourself. I know I’m :p

On a serious note, You know I love you (Do I ?). Leave comments if you would like to give me some feedback / advice or anything along the lines. I’m a very stubborn guy, so do not be disappointed if I don’t take your advice. Like I’ve mentioned in the about me page, if your only aim is to bash me, I’ll simply block you or ignore you. I only need friends and well-wishers. I do not need idiots to troll me here :p. The above statement does not affect genuine critics. I can take criticism rather well. I might try to debate with you a bit before giving in, but I do admit my mistakes once I’m convinced :p

I’ll be posting some stuff from my past to start with. Lets rock on roll!!!!