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A piece of Advice

Who told you it couldn’t be done, and what great achievements has he performed that qualified him to set up limitations for you? You will find as you go through life that those who give advice most freely are precisely the people who are least qualified to do so. Busy, successful people don’t have an […]

Lonely summer ahead!

Exams are over now and it is time for a vacation and some rest. I have a lot of free time and I should prepare myself for some licensing examinations or at least the MCI screening test which I plan on taking next September. Some how I find it pretty hard to concentrate. I’ve been […]

4 hours

Quite some time ago, I joined a few inline skater groups online. That was when I got my first in- line skates. Already being part of many online groups, I must say that I noticed very less activities in those groups. I met a cute girl names ‘Nadya‘ in one of those groups. I got […]

once again!

“It’ll never be the same”, he said again; the same words from ten years ago. He was not in pain, unlike then; and looked so calm like Christmas snow. “I shall not fall in love again”, words he said three years ago. Then, he was in so much pain, his eyes, filled with deep sorrow. […]

In vain!

Had this feeling in the past, quite a few years ago; Shattering my little heart, the one I loved had to go. Lasted for seven sweet years, we lived like two happy birds; left me in a sea of tears, hearing those hurtful words.

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