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A piece of Advice

Who told you it couldn’t be done, and what great achievements has he performed that qualified him to set up limitations for you?

You will find as you go through life that those who give advice most freely are precisely the people who are least qualified to do so. Busy, successful people don’t have an interest in telling you how to live your life. They are busy living their own. Failures or mediocre people have all the time in the world. They also delight in seeing you fail, and are quick to say “I told you so” when you experience a temporary setback. If someone tells you that what you are attempting to achieve is impossible or not worth the effort, take a close look at them and what they have accomplished with their lives. The chances are good that you will find they haven’t done much. Successful people are optimistic people. They have the habit of success because they learned long ago to listen to themselves and not to those who would like to see them fail.

This was a post on the most famous brick-less wall in the cyberspace or as you might have heard “The Facebook Wall”, by a friend of mine. Every time I see some one mentioning anything about  “The Facebook Wall,” it leaves me wondering if it is more popular than “The Great Wall of China.” It probably might as well be more popular, considering the intelligent levels of many teenagers who use Facebook (as far as I’ve noticed). Pardon my “our generation is superior” attitude shown if you are a weak hearted representative of the fittest species of all – the Homo Sapiens, and  younger than myself and if it did hurt your feelings. It was deliberately mentioned for the sake of making a funny and mean comment just because I can and it is free! As an Indian, I do like anything that is free and as a part-time ignorant idiot, I do things just because I can (Just kidding 🙂 ).

This friend of mine, who I used to consider as just another useless, worthless human being wasting his god-given potential in his silly adventures to seek false pleasures of life. May be it was my exaggerated superiority complex I had then. Though it still peeks out from inside me from time to time, I somehow have managed to control such biased and morally incorrect manifestations of my ignorance. Finally, I’ve learnt the meaning of my father’s words – “Do not ever underestimate any one.” I shall reveal the truth here – I despise stupid people. I simply cannot tolerate people who really are stupid. Having said that, I must also admit that, I’ve learnt that every one is unique and everyone has their own talents and specialities. The time I spent on analysing myself and my ideas for 4 years after the painful breakup I had, has opened my eyes to my mistakes and I believe has increased my intelligence, and analytical skills.

May be this is exactly why I should show gratitude to the invisible supernatural being who lives in and rules over the so-called “Heaven” with an existence neither proven nor unproven by any one. But as the old Tamil proverb, which an old female poet wrote allegedly a f, says:

«அன்னையும் பிதாவும் முன்னறி தெய்வம் » (One’s mother and father should come even before God.)

Most probably (taking the liberty to consider you an individual, who is psychologically healthy and stable guy unlike some extra creepy psychopath serial killers with childhood deprivation of parental love and care) just like your parents, mine brought me in this evil world and gave me a lot of troubles and restrictions in my childhood that I used to hate as a child and understand as I grow up, which eventually shaped me up into who I am today along with my excellent teachers who held my hand all the way till today. I believe, I should thank them before thanking the invisible fellow.

Thank you Mother, father, teachers (Especially, those who taught me in my school [VHSS]), and oh I thank the invisible fellow as well. It is because you guys, I am who and how I am today (I wanted to add “With very high intelligence and etc., etc., but then decided against it, ’cause I don’t want to risk being found as an imbecile suffering from extreme superiority complex”). I also feel the urge to thank my beloved brother, who is more of the eldest son in our family than my brother, for always telling me the words I need to hear, regardless of their bitterness and keeping me in line.

If My memory serves right, it was Buddha who said that, “Life is short. Time is fleeting. Realize the Self. Purity of the heart is the gateway to God. Aspire. Renounce. Meditate. Be good; do good. Be kind; be compassionate. Inquire, know Thyself.” or something along the lines.

I still cannot admire him enough for such a thought which in my opinion is the juice of our life, or more precisely, the way of life. For a few years before I fell in love with Elizabeth, the queen of my heart and soul and for the records is much special and better than any other queens that ever lived, lives and will live on our small planet, I was very much impressed by the thoughts of Buddhism and was wanting to find myself and the meaning of my supposedly meaningless life, by pursuing path of a Buddhist monk. So, please forgive me if I’m a little too much pro Buddhist philosophy and ideas. I believe I’m completely neutral, logical and unbiased regardless of I being fond of Buddhism, its principles and teachings.

At that particular period of my life, if I would have found a proper Buddhist temple in Moscow, I might probably be a monk today with a shaved head in Scarlett red and yellow outfit. However, I’ve preserved the moral values and lessons learnt from the words of Buddha and his disciples. Regardless of your religious beliefs, in my humble opinion, which apparently is rarely humble , good morals gained from the words of Buddha will definitely make you a better person as any other religion. Please do not take my word for it, feel free to search for “Buddha quotes” on or follow this link: Search Google for Buddha’s Quotes ) and get instant meaningful reading materials from the search giant Google Inc.

So my friend, Mr. Paras Rana, the founder, proprietor, CEO, CFO, etc., of EurasiaExim (An international import export and educational services company registered in many countries), who I still think is wasting his potential, posted that meaningful piece of advice on his “Facebook wall”. Though I do and noticed others post some meaningful advices and motivational quotes to sound intelligent (most of those idiots copy and paste famous quotes of some great minds and pretend to have thought of it on their own, unlike me and my friend Mr. Paras Rana), only a few of these posts do actually get you thinking for a few minutes. Let alone driving you to write a blog post about it. Though the post is not saying anything that we don’t already know, how many of us did actually gave a thought about it before reading it from his post? Let me thank him for giving my brain some thing to digest and get my silly little mind off the problems I face.

Now to the core issue that’s being addressed in his post – Advice and it’s significance (Oh well, it sounds better this way and gives an interestingly serious ring to it.) I do not recall any one who likes being advised in their early days, especially in their teen years and early twenties. We humans are dangerously prone to underestimate others and look down on others as if we are somehow more intelligent, handsome etc., than all the others – as if we are very special and better than almost all the rest of the representatives of our species – the Homo Sapiens. It has been the most common reason for wars in the past and have claimed countless lives. Since I’ve taken my time to think about and analyse myself, I’ve preserved my urge to strive to not err in such manners and started seeing the people I already know in a different light.

A few years back, if Mr. Paras Rana were to give me any advice, I’d most definitely ignore them and might as well be rude enough to let him know that I didn’t give a crap about his thoughts or his advices. But now, I have grown up to see the positive side of Mr. Paras Rana, whose name is still associated with a cartoon image of amateur alcoholic who never cares or respects money – A spoilt kid from a rich family, deep inside my mind at a subconscious level. A couple of months ago, when I met Paras after almost half a decade, I sat for couple of hours doing nothing thinking about the reasons behind such an image being associated with his name.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t recall anything other than the stories and baseless accusations made by a certain batch mate of mine, who I know to have done many mischievous things to Paras years ago as he was spreading stories about the infamous Paras Rana and his evilness. I could even remember the many lies that I heard about him and his behaviour. I shall give both parties benefit of doubt since I did not witness any of it to vouch for. Those stories might be as much true as it might be fake. But, since they did not and do not affect me in any way, however difficult it might be, I shall try to erase all those baseless prejudices against a person who I think is a friend and well-wisher of mine,. Though highly embarrassing, past cannot be changed and admitting our mistakes, makes us a better person. I also wish to take this opportunity to Apologise to this idiot friend of mine. I’m so sorry Paras, for having had, and still have such thoughts about you.

Regardless of the residual effects that still haunt my heart, two months after my decision to erase all prejudices against Paras, I’ve slowly grown up to recognise the noble heart of his and his thoughts enriched with high moral values and intelligence, which all of us should think and analyse. Buddha said,

“Do not blindly believe in everything. Do not blindly believe even in what I say. Do not believe me because others convince you of my words. Do not believe anything you see, read, or hear from others, whether of authority, religious teachers or texts. Do not rely on logic alone, nor speculation. Don’t infer or be deceived by appearances.”

We are the masters our own mind and body. We have a very powerful organ called brain, and it is given to us for a reason. Since we are too quick to claim our species as the most evolved and most intelligent living being on our planet, It is only just to use it and think, analyse, and decide on our own.

Main problem of us – the Homo Sapiens is that we often forget to follow our own words. Most of the people who read the aforementioned rather meaningful post by my dear Paras, probably are blaming some body else in their minds for giving free and false advices. Just to make a little tuning to the well thought out thought of him, I shall be bold enough to take the liberty to add some thing of my own and count on his neutral reaction (Most people simply cannot take criticism and unfortunately can never admit their mistakes).

We should not forget to heed our own advice and we should always think twice before giving some one a false advice for free just because you can and it is free!!! Resist your Indian instincts!! Free advices are given by us to others and others to us. We should work on both ends to keep up fairness. I am pretty sure that every one of us can think of instances when we gave free and unnecessary advices without even having a clue, just for the sake of giving an advice.

Though most free advices come from those who have not achieved much of anything in their lives and are least qualified to give any advice at all, we should not and must not disregard all the advices given to us alike and certainly should not err by underestimating any one. My thoughts on this matter is quite similar to my friend’s, but I do not agree that you should not care about what others around you have to say about anything.

I do agree that each of us live for our own selves and should always make decisions on our own, but using the main centre of our central nervous system to think about the advices given by even a guy, who is an example of complete failure, and analyse the truth in it. Feedbacks from others are usually rather useful. As I write this post, I think I’ve not made any mistakes in it thus far; however, some one else even with a much lesser fluency in English, might actually point out a few mistakes in it. It always is easy to see what is wrong when you step aside and see from a 3rd person’s point of view. For those others who we might regard as failures, useless idiots and such, our mistakes might be quite visible while we are blind to them.

Having said that, We have reached the end of this post and I’d like to end this post by reminding you that the best way to fight with pointless advices or suggestions is to stop giving such to others. If we want to change the world, we should change ourselves and our mentality first. Please press the turn on switch of your brain, think, use your logical & analytical skills to calculate all the possible and impossible options you have regardless of their origin, if you cannot find the switch, you are either mentally ill or in love, so please do yourself and every one else a favour  and visit your psychiatrist :p. Do not ignore the options you pulled out of the inferior end of your digestive tract or those that were given to you by others. Remember the words of Buddha:

Do not blindly believe in everything. Do not blindly believe even in what I say. Do not believe me because others convince you of my words. Do not believe anything you see, read, or hear from others, whether of authority, religious teachers or texts. Do not rely on logic alone, nor speculation. Don’t infer or be deceived by appearances.



Stupidity at its best

Mark Twain once said

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

Now you can read the following statement made by a politician in the Indian Parliament during zero hour published by The Times of India.

“China is laying claim on several of our states including Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarkhand besides the Ladakh region… It is going to attack us soon… The attack can take place any time,” the Samajwadi party supremo said in the Lok Sabha during Zero Hour.
Read more: China will attack India ‘soon’: Mulayam (The Ex-Defense minister and currently a Member of Parliament in India) – The Times of India

Most of us Indians know that many of the politicians elected to run our country in the name of democracy are idiots and do not deserve it. Thanks to the statement by Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, today they have stooped to a entirely new level of stupidity, or I was just being too optimistic about them until now. Luckily enough for us, there are atleast some politicians who run the country have some sanity left in them. They may not be working on the best interests of the county and the people, but atleast they are not making such false accusations and meddle with foreign affairs when they do not have a clue on what they are talking about.

When I read that he mentioned about the roads laid near the chinese border, I cannot help but wonder how much many did these get from giving out those contracts I believe we Indians need social and political awareness and we should not fall into the traps of ‘votebank’ politics and we should certainly stop such idiots from getting into the positions which dictates the policy and growth of the country for the sake of our own country.

Incidents like this makes me feel ashamed of the whole democracy system. When will the citizens of India wake up and get rid of such good-for-nothing politicians? Will it ever happen or the dreams of millions of Indians like me will remain a dream?

Most of us Indians are more concentrated on “India is a super power” remarks from leaders inside and outside our country. As long as we have leaders like this, we can never be a super power.

The UNSC hype

There has been a lot of hype among the Indians associated with the visit of the US president on his first stop in India, as part of his Asian tour. After losing the elections back home, he has to do some thing to win the hearts and votes of the Americans, if he wants to run for the big seat again. Being a smart guy, he knows very well that the trails of the ‘now-gone’ crisis, slow growth rate and historical unemployment rates are hindering his chances for the second term. Before even landing on India, he made it very clear that his whole trip is about job creation for American unemployed and opening up business opportunities for US businessmen. I wasn’t expecting any important statements to be made on his visit.

Obama failed me yesterday when he gave the speech at the Indian parliament indicating his support for India in UNSC. Though not expected, it is the key moment of his visit to India. Though he did not assure anything and it was merely a diplomatic gesture, it is indeed pleasant to hear. There is a long road ahead but a good start always helps. Many Indians are hyped up by the “India is a super power” concept. I honestly do not know if I should laugh at the naivety or cry on the stupidity of my fellow countrymen. Just because he indicated that he supports India getting a seat in UNSC does not mean anything. How many times have we been assured of things by our own politicians? How many times have empty promises filled our hearts and minds from those who are supposed to serve our interests? we should learn not to celebrate the words but actions. Every one is getting ahead of themselves. Even if the USA is dying to get us a seat on UNSC, it wont be an easy task. There are so many practical and political hindrances I could think of.

I still do not understand all this boasting of “India is a super power”. I still do not understand why are we even trying so hard to get a seat in UNSC. Though we will have a lot of advantages by being a UNSC permanent member, UN is meant to be the body helping the world live in harmony and at present, we have a lot of internal issues to attend to before taking care of the rest of the world. there are many actual problems in our country than getting a seat in the horse shoe table. I’ve been told that Jawaharlal Nehru – The first prime minister of India conceded an offer for a permanent seat at the Security Council to China in 1955. I fail to see any reason other than “We have a lot of things to take care in the country so shove your UNSC up on china”.

Truth to be said. I do not see India doing much in the global arena that deserves a seat in the UN. In a country where nothing stop the politicians from ripping apart their own country (take a look at CWG scams and adarsh scams), we have a lot of things to take care of internally before worrying about our position in the world. The politicians are just looking for their gain on the sentiments of the people and get them forget about the key issues.

Congratulations Mr.Obama for bagging deals worth billions for your country which will create more than 50k jobs in your country, though I expected the figures to be higher. I sincerely hope that your trip to India help your country noticably in the years to come.

Sleepless nights

As I’ve mentioned in one of my first few posts, Chn’g Chia Li was my girl friend for quite a long time in Moscow. It has been more than a year since we contacted each other. I do often recall the good times we had and ponder my self with questions like: “What went wrong?”, “Why me?”, “Can things change?”, “Will I ever see her again?”. For the last month, after reaching Moscow, I’m having thoughts about Chn’g Chia Li so often as to keep myself awake all night. Even if loneliness is not leading me into another episode of depression, my heart literally feels heavy. I pity myself for screwing everything up. I had everything I’ve ever wanted in my life and yet I screwed it all up.

Now, I want to talk to her, hear that sweet voice which drove me nuts, but I cannot. I do not know if I ever will be able to contact her again. She never comes online any more; I do not have her contact number or anything of that sort. All her friends who know me happen to dislike me that they would not give me her number. I cannot help but think that they were instructed by her beforehand to not reveal her number to me. Every direction I go leads me to a dead end. Every query I send with a hope of getting a hold of her, goes unanswered. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task. May be the only possible way to getting her to talk to me is to visit her myself. Since I’m not a rich person, I might have to wait and save some $ to get a flight ticket.

I failed to treasure the one thing that is dearest to me – her love. I failed to appreciate her when she was around. Now it seems like its a bit too late to do anything anymore. Feels like I’m an empty vessel stored in a haunted house of an abandoned village waiting to be filled knowing it will never happen. All the logical sense left in me tells me to move on, but my heart doesn’t. Every thing I see reminds me of her. My mind does automatically run mini flash backs of the good times I had with her when ever I see some thing. I’ve long ago decided that Chn’g Chia li will  be the girl in my life.

Unlike before as I thought I should end my pathetic meaningless life, I’m now very much determined to continue my studies and serve the needy in India. I’ve with my own eyes, seen how much do people suffer due to lack of welfare plans and lack of medical personals. What I have in mind is to adopt one small village and develop that particular village in all possible ways. I hope when I do so, others will come forward to do some thing like that in other parts of India. I know it sounds too cheesy but yes, that is exactly what I plan on doing. If Chia Li was by my side to support me through that, I would be the happiest man in the world.