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Complete ban on alcohol!

Today, I stumbled upon an event in Facebook: Complete ban on alcohol Made me wonder – are these dudes really nuts? What the fudge are they even blubbering about? Let me make myself clear. I’m not a big fan of alcohol myself though I might sound like one sometimes. I’m sure that every one is […]

4 hours

Quite some time ago, I joined a few inline skater groups online. That was when I got my first in- line skates. Already being part of many online groups, I must say that I noticed very less activities in those groups. I met a cute girl names ‘Nadya‘ in one of those groups. I got […]

The day that I gave Psychiatry Exam

Like every other day, I woke up in the morning. A couple of days ago, that is what I thought would happen. Unfortunately, 2 crazy girls Frida and her friend N. Did curiosity bite you in the butt and made you wonder who is this N person? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. […]

once again!

“It’ll never be the same”, he said again; the same words from ten years ago. He was not in pain, unlike then; and looked so calm like Christmas snow. “I shall not fall in love again”, words he said three years ago. Then, he was in so much pain, his eyes, filled with deep sorrow. […]

Rain rain go away!

So… On a fine Sunday, Varuna (Indian god of rain) has decided to spoil all my plans for the day. Like the waves that try to rush into the land, my attempts to learn in-line skating has not been quite successful. Is it because I’m a fatty or because I’m too old to teach my […]

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