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Disorders of Perception


A type of false perception in which the perception of a real world object is combined with internal imagery to produce a false internal perception. They are classified into:

Affect illusion

There is a combination of heightened emotion and misperception. (e.g., while walking across a lonely park at night, briefly seeing a tree moving in the wind as an attacker).

Completion illusions

Rely on our brain’s tendency to fill in the presumed missing parts of an object to produce a meaningful perception. They are the basis for many types of optical illusion.

Both affect and completion illusions usually resolve on closer attention.

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Disorders of Sensation


(Symptom of asthenic states) A state of exalted or morbidly increased sensibility of the body, or of a part of it.


(Symptom of depression)  A state of decreased sensibility of the body or of a part of it.


Loss of sensibility of the body or of a part of it

Hysterical anaesthesia

Loss of sensory modalities resulting from emotional conflicts.


Cenesthetic hallucinations – unfounded, strange inexplicable sensations in bodily organs (usually in case of schizophrenia). Any localized distortion of body awareness, such as the feeling that a hand has become like jelly