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The day that I gave Psychiatry Exam

Like every other day, I woke up in the morning. A couple of days ago, that is what I thought would happen. Unfortunately, 2 crazy girls Frida and her friend N. Did curiosity bite you in the butt and made you wonder who is this N person? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. […]

Thought disorders – part 3

Obsessive-Phobic syndrome Obsessions: Different types of persistent irrational ideas, e.g., Rumination: Irrational burdensome operation with thoughts, symbols, words or numbers Contrast ideas: Irrational painful thoughts about possibility of dangerous or antisocial actions. Phobias:

Thought disorders – part 2

Disorders of the possession and the content of thought Delusion False belief, based on incorrect inference about external reality, that is firmly held despite objective and obvious contradictory proof or evidence and despite the fact that other members of the culture do not share the belief and cannot be corrected by reasoning. (unspecific productive symptom […]

Thought disorders – part 1

Disorders of the form and the stream of thought Racing thoughts: The subjective experience of one’s thoughts occurring rapidly, each though being associated with a wider range of consequent ideas than normal and with inability to remain on one idea for any length of time (distracted and chaotic speech). Occurs in manic episodes, sometimes referred […]

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