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Otology MCQ 1

Use of Siegel’s speculum during ear examination provides all except: [AIPGMEE – 2005] Magnification Assessment of the movement of T.M Removal of foreign body from the ear As applicator of powdered antibiotics for ear

Otology MCQ 2

All are true about Gardenigo’s syndrome except: [AIPGMEE – 2005] Associated with conductive hearing loss Caused by an abscess in petrous apex Leads to involvement of the cranial nerve 5 and 6 Characterised by retro-orbital pain

Human Anatomy – Introduction

The term ‘anatomy’ originated from the Greek word ‘anatomia’ which means ‘to dissect’. Human anatomy is a branch of medicine deals with the study of structure of human body. We usually classify human anatomy into: ¬†histology and gross anatomy. Gross anatomy or macroscopic anatomy is the study of anatomical structures that can be seen grossly […]

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