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4 hours

Quite some time ago, I joined a few inline skater groups online. That was when I got my first in- line skates. Already being part of many online groups, I must say that I noticed very less activities in those groups. I met a cute girl names ‘Nadya‘ in one of those groups. I got a little carried away and losing my usual ‘I don’t talk to strangers, because my mama told me not to’ state, started talking to her. It was usually, I asking dumb questions about skates and such.

In a few days, I almost felt like I’ve found a new friend in her. She is a student in a I-don’t-fucking-remember-the-name-of-it college. She is an aspiring hairstylist on her 3rd year. After my earlier haircut from a good hairstylist, I was a little hyped up on getting a good hair-cut. She told me that she needed some heads to train for her practical. Coincidentally, her practice was starting from 30th may. That is the time when I’d need a haircut, so I volunteered to offer my precious head.

Honestly, I had my razor ready, just for the worst case scenario. Like they say “hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. What is the worst that can happen right? I’ll just forget the episode of the trauma of the ear-lobe I got when I was 5. Luckily for me, the cut was too small and by now, even the scar is not visible. I’m a student myself and my field demands that I train on people. If I wasn’t ready to let some one else study on me, it would probably make me the same selfish prick as every other dude in my university. Continue reading 4 hours

The day that I gave Psychiatry Exam

Like every other day, I woke up in the morning. A couple of days ago, that is what I thought would happen. Unfortunately, 2 crazy girls Frida and her friend N.

Did curiosity bite you in the butt and made you wonder who is this N person? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. I’m sure I’d be curious too, if I did not already know who it is. Lets just say it is an absolutely mind-blowing girl who asked me not to publish her name on the blog (By now, I’m sure you have this inner urge to stalk her. That applies only to caligynephiles). Using that word just made me feel good.

Since they convinced me to do an all night psychiatry revision, I did not sleep last night, If only I’d have realised that psychiatry can be really boring and disgusting when you read at 3 ~ 6 AM, I’d have went to sleep like every other day. By the time I realised what I’ve got myself into, I was well past the time where I could have had some sleep.

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Rain rain go away!

So… On a fine Sunday, Varuna (Indian god of rain) has decided to spoil all my plans for the day. Like the waves that try to rush into the land, my attempts to learn in-line skating has not been quite successful. Is it because I’m a fatty or because I’m too old to teach my muscles? Some people suggested that I take up yoga to learn balancing. I did not listen to my brother’s advice to practice yoga to lose some extra pounds and be healthy. Why would I start listening to others now? When you live in a hostel with an internet connection and exams around the corner, I bet you’d not like to practice yoga.

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Growth of FB is bad.

Facebook is growing everyday. India is one of the few countries in which the growth is viral. I’m usually all for “More the merrier” policy when it comes to social networks. However, the growth of Facebook has seriously crippled many users like myself.

Growing everyday in my home country, Facebook has attracted many of the members of my family. It is getting harder and harder to keep my posts protected from them. For me it is impossible to just block them and it is quite hard to filter out the posts every time to keep things under control.

This might sound a bit weird to you. It might not even make any sense. To think about it – What is it that I’d want to conceal from my family but share freely with my cyber-buddies?

I guess I owe you an explanation. Let me give you an example :

I would gladly share how many cigarettes I smoke everyday with my buddies and even strangers. However, when this information gets to one of my family member, I’ll have to listen to a long session of advice on how harmful they are and how I should quit smoking.

Technically, they will be right to say those things. But by almost being a doctor, I already know all the possible side-effects of smoking. I do not have to add “endlessly boring advises” in that list for any logical reason.

Facebook growing very fast is very bad for maintaining privacy and it is almost inevitable. I do not see any solution but to start filtering everything I share on the social networks before I get into some awkward moments. What do you think?

Gave in, but in vain

I’ve been wanting to abandon the use of Windows operating systems for a long time now. From the time when I started to use Linux based systems, I realised that not everything follows “You get what you pay for” rule.

I’ve since advised many of my friends to try using Linux with little success. Being more of an activist, last thing I expected of myself was to install a Windows OS in my notebook. From many of my previous posts like this, some of you might already know that I run a emulation game server and that it means a lot to me.

Unfortunately enough for me, the game only supports Windows operating systems. I was left with no choice but stick to them. After hearing many good reviews about the Windows 7 from many people, I decided to try it out and was consoling my soul with the thoughts – It has to be good since many vouch for it.

When the came and I installed Windows 7. I was not stupid enough this time to pay for it, but still I had to put in some effort to get past the activation and such. Luckily enough for me, everything worked out well and I finally had a working copy of Windows 7. It has been 2 days now since I installed and I had nothing but disappointment. I expected it to be better than this.

To who ever that is trying to get Windows 7, my advice is that you please reconsider. It is just not worth the effort or money.