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Too many things I can say about me, but it won't fit into this tiny little box. :p

Lonely summer ahead!

Exams are over now and it is time for a vacation and some rest. I have a lot of free time and I should prepare myself for some licensing examinations or at least the MCI screening test which I plan on taking next September. Some how I find it pretty hard to concentrate. I’ve been […]

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

There are 3 types of cell families: Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya. Bacterial cells are usually called prokaryotes and Eukarya cells are called eukaryotes. Prokaryotes Eukaryotes DNA surrounded by nuclear membrane Not surrounded by nuclear membrane Chromosomes are circular Chromosomes are linear Cytoplasm is highly undifferentiated Well differentiated and has various membrane-bound organelles.(mitochondria, chloroplast, Golgi apparatus, […]

For Nashit Khan, Prerna Reddy and Co.

Nashit Khan, “Fuck this” is sure not a pretty phase but at least it was not directed at any one. unlike those from our brother Mohammad Habeeb. If you are going to be offended by that, you probably have not taken part in any decent online debates. Nashit Khan, Mohamman Habeeb & Moshir Khan, do […]

Complete ban on alcohol!

Today, I stumbled upon an event in Facebook: Complete ban on alcohol Made me wonder – are these dudes really nuts? What the fudge are they even blubbering about? Let me make myself clear. I’m not a big fan of alcohol myself though I might sound like one sometimes. I’m sure that every one is […]

4 hours

Quite some time ago, I joined a few inline skater groups online. That was when I got my first in- line skates. Already being part of many online groups, I must say that I noticed very less activities in those groups. I met a cute girl names ‘Nadya‘ in one of those groups. I got […]

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