Before continuing to read, ask yourself – Do you really want to know about me? If you do, why? These are the questions I ask myself before reading any one’s blog. You should too. I’m an Indian. Born and brought up in a small village in India. I was a very active, very naughty, very stubborn kid. Now as I grew up, things changed. I do things only if I cannot avoid it. Some times I do not do stuff, even when I know I should do it. I suffer from ALDF (Attention and Love Deficiency syndrome). I’m a med-student and I study in Moscow. I’m 26 years old. Here is a picture of mine from a few months back


You might find my blog boring. It can make me look like some one in depression, but I’m not depressed. This is just a place where I confess my feelings into. I’ll be as honest I can possibly be after considering the fact of not affecting the people involved in my posts. You can always leave some comments/ feed backs to let me know about your opinions. I’m an open-minded person who can take criticism well, but if I think you are here only to bash me, I’ll simply block you. I’ve warned you. 🙂

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