Otology MCQ 7

For ASOM, myringotomy is done in which quadrant? [AIPGMEE – 1995]

1) Anterior inferior
2) Anterior superior
3) Posterior superior
4) Posterior inferior

ASOM – Acute Suppurative otitis Media – Acute infective inflammation of middle ear of less than 3 weeks.

Commonest bacterial agents – Streptococcus pnuemoniae (pneumococcus), Haemophilus influenzae, Moxarella catarrhalis.
M/c is pneumococcus.
Common viral agents – RSV, influenza virus, rhino-virus and adeno-virus

Drug of choice: amoxicillin.

Indications for Myringotomy:

1) Severe pain (bulging red TM)
2) Unresolved ASOM
3) Development of complication
4) ASOM in patients with immunodeficiency
5) Recurrent ASOM

Myringotomy : incising the TM to drain the middle ear. In Recurrent ASOM – myringotomy along with grommet insertion.
Preferred site : Postero-inferior quadrant in ASOM and antero-inferior quadrant for grommet insertion.

Ans: 4

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