Otology MCQ 5

Otospongiosis is inherited as : [AIPGMEE – 1995]

1) Autosomal dominant
2) Autosomal recessive
3) X-linked dominant
4) X-linked recessive

Otosclerosis or otospongiosis is a bony labyrinthine disease where lamellar bone is replaced by immature spongy bone of more cellularity and vascularity. The change occurs mainly in the endochondral layer of ottic capsule. m/c site is just anterior to oval fenestra.
Autosomal dominant inheritance. More common in whites and Indians. more common in women

Blue mantles – Both osteoblastic and osteoclastic activities take place in the otosclerotic process that starts along the blood vessels as finger-like invasion. Bluish appearance on H&E staining earned them the name “blue mantles of Manasse”.

Paracusis Willisii – pt. hears better in noisy environment

Schwartz sign: Flamingo pink discolouration of TM due to vascularisation of promontory. (only in 2-10% cases) Surgery is contraindicated in patients with positive Schwartz sign. It is an indication for sodium fluoride therapy.

Clinic: Slowly progressive, bilateral, CHL in a female, aggravated by pregnancy. Vertigo, tinnitus and SNHL may be present in patients with cochlear otosclerosis.

Ans: A

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