Otology MCQ 4

Treatment of Choice in central safe perforation is [AIPGMEE – 1994]

1) Modified mastoidectomy
2) Radical mastoidectomy
3) Myringoplasty
4) Clearance and antibiotics

Treatment of choice for central safe perforation is Myringoplasty.

Mastoidectomy has no place in perforation. Clearance and antibiotics will not help in closure of the perforation. However, in CSOM, clearance and antibiotics followed by myringoplasty is the treatment of choice.

Myringoplasty: repair of tympanic membrane defect
M/c graft material used: Fascia Temporalis
other graft materials used: tragal perichondrium, fat and vein (auto-grafts), cadaveric dura and vein (homo-grafts) [AIPGMEE – 1997]

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