Otology MCQ 2

All are true about Gardenigo’s syndrome except: [AIPGMEE – 2005]

  1. Associated with conductive hearing loss
  2. Caused by an abscess in petrous apex
  3. Leads to involvement of the cranial nerve 5 and 6
  4. Characterised by retro-orbital pain


Characteristic triad of Gradinego’s syndrome is:  otorrhoea, unilateral deep retro orbital pain (in areas innervated by 1st and 2nd branch of Trigeminal nerve), diplopia due to ipsilateral abducens nerve paralysis (lateral rectus muscle palsy ) caused by apical petrositis

This is also seen in extra-dural abscess and meningitis of the petrous apex.

Extra points to note: the most common lesion of the petrous apex is Cholesterol granuloma followed by meningioma and congenital cholesteatoma

Ans: 1

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