Otology MCQ 1

Use of Siegel’s speculum during ear examination provides all except: [AIPGMEE – 2005]

  1. Magnification
  2. Assessment of the movement of T.M
  3. Removal of foreign body from the ear
  4. As applicator of powdered antibiotics for ear

1) Siegel’s pneumatic speculum has a window with lens for magnification and a rubber bulb, for application of positive pressure or negative pressure (suction) on the tympanic membrane. It can fit into the ear canal to make an air tight chamber.

  • Magnification x2
  • Assessment of mobility of the Tympanic membrane
  • To Differentiate perforation from pocket
  • To introduce topical medicine into the ear
  • To perform fistula test for vestibular function
  • To elicit Browne’s sign in glomus tumour
  • To increase canal pressure in Gelle’s test.

Ans: 3

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