For Nashit Khan, Prerna Reddy and Co.

Nashit Khan, “Fuck this” is sure not a pretty phase but at least it was not directed at any one. unlike those from our brother Mohammad Habeeb. If you are going to be offended by that, you probably have not taken part in any decent online debates.

Nashit Khan, Mohamman Habeeb & Moshir Khan, do you guys understand that “Complete ban on alcohol” implies that it calls for prohibiting alcohol for every one regardless of their beliefs, views or religion. Am I not getting some thing or do you guys think that this is a call for every one to quit drinking alcohol?

Deducing from my previous paragraph, as Mr Moshit Khan pointed out (from al bakrah if I’m not wrong), “There shall be no compulsion in religion, as the truth will always stand clear and survive” (or some thing along the lines). So, imposing a ban on alcohol and prohibiting alcohol for every one and showing Islamic scriptures as a reason is just wrong. Mahatma Gandhi was not a Muslim, and he was against alcohol. Alcohol is still banned in Gujarat (a state of India) where he was born. Though, I do not like the guy, he did not have such controversies when he called for banning alcohol. Do you know why?

Because he was not quoting religious scriptures but simply explained the ill- effects of alcohol. does that make anything clear for you guys? No one is against anti-alcoholism, but many are against ant-alcoholism based on Islamic ideology. If you guys still do not get it, I pity your clueless souls!

When you say “Islam”, most people (non-muslims) think only about Taliban, Burqah, oppression and terrorism. I will not go into details on why it is so, is it fair and such, for we all know I speak the truth about the mentality of people. It will be easier to convince people that alcohol is bad giving scientific secular reasons than any religious reasons. If you give religious reasons, You sure should expect a flame war from those who do not like to hear it and do not sympathise with your religious feelings and ideals. If you don’t, you are rather naive. When it goes public, regardless of your desire, you will sure get positive and negative feedbacks. All you can, as a mature human being, is to try and get your point through logical explanations. Yelling at others and using filthy insults will just show your own maturity (In other words, it makes you look like a total tool).

Again, I’m not against Islam or any other religion for that matter. My beliefs and ideals are on a different dimension which might not be easy for many of you ‘followers’ of different religions to digest. I’m just stating the facts here. I believe everything written in religious scriptures are meant for the well being of human beings and everything has a rational and logical explanation.

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