The day that I gave Psychiatry Exam

Like every other day, I woke up in the morning. A couple of days ago, that is what I thought would happen. Unfortunately, 2 crazy girls Frida and her friend N.

Did curiosity bite you in the butt and made you wonder who is this N person? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. I’m sure I’d be curious too, if I did not already know who it is. Lets just say it is an absolutely mind-blowing girl who asked me not to publish her name on the blog (By now, I’m sure you have this inner urge to stalk her. That applies only to caligynephiles). Using that word just made me feel good.

Since they convinced me to do an all night psychiatry revision, I did not sleep last night, If only I’d have realised that psychiatry can be really boring and disgusting when you read at 3 ~ 6 AM, I’d have went to sleep like every other day. By the time I realised what I’ve got myself into, I was well past the time where I could have had some sleep.

I’m certain my bed is still waiting for me to close my eyes and get all the dirty dreams that I missed last night. I still cannot stop wondering how in the world did I get enough energy, will power and concentration to stay awake all night reading psychiatry.I guess I got the power from the encouragement given by the 2 pretty girls next door and @angels510. However, I did not encounter @angels510 yesterday. If my memory serves right, she usually keeps on stating that I’d be a good psychiatrist if I choose that field.

Did I forget the 20 cups of awesome green tea in a magnificent glass cup with classy flower art on it, which is actually I borrowed from N and do not plan on returning any time soon? As a result of my ‘tea mania’, I had to run to urinate several times. Was I up all night studying or peeing? I think I might have won a peeing competition if I was in one last night. Speaking about peeing, is there any record on Guinness book of world records for number of times some one urinated in one day?

The voice inside my head (pseudo-hallucination) is telling me that I’m way off-topic and am giving out too much information. I’m well aware of the presence of some stalkers here, who’d some day use this information against me. I’m sure my brother would some day make fun of me saying “Bro, you graduated by peeing and not by studying.” I swear, I can even picture it happening in the near future.

After a long boring night, after my date with various psychiatry books and blogging random useless things (mostly basics of psychiatry, oh and I intend to finish the ECG and psychiatry series some day and start some thing new in my blog. Summer vacation just around the corner.), I left home at 7.15 AM. The exam was at 9 AM and I’d have made it in time even if I left home at 8.10 AM, but for a change I wanted to reach early this time.

For another change I had some psychiatry notes printed to read on the way. If only I’d have realised that it was such a bad idea, I’d have never done so. I usually stop studying at least 24 hours before exam in order to have a fresh head. I started reading in the metro on my way, and things started to look strange. Everything seemed so different and unfamiliar. The more I read, the more I felt insecure. The wisest decision of the moment would have been throwing the notes away and forget that I even started reading. It was the only logical thing to do, for I could not probably have gained anything in an hour of extra reading, just before the exams.

However, being a complete idiot, I could not throw them away and the insecurity was mounting on me like mount Everest. I started thinking about heading back home and try giving the exam some other day. After a long internal war between the half that wanted to head back home and the half that wanted to get this exam over with, the second half did win, and I headed to the psychiatry department, feeling like a rabbit walking into a lion’s den.I even started experiencing pseudo hallucinations, dementia, amnesia and delusions. Oh jeez! stop celebrating. I was just exaggerating things a little. Now don’t give me that look – The look of some one disgusted by a small white lie. We all have lied some time in the past, haven’t we? You know you have.

On my way to the department, the appetizing smell from the McDonald’s right next to the metro drew me in. Having been seduced by the smell, I decided to satisfy my sudden craving for a hot burger and got myself a burger and cola. I saw my professor walking past me giving me a disgusted look after noticing the cola in my hand. It was rather a little creepy to see your professor giving you a disgusted look right before the exam. Though there are other professors in the department, unfortunately he is the head of the department, and as lucky a fellow I’m, I could easily be answering to him in a short while.

I met my group mates and friends just outside the department and it was quite early to get into the den. We sat there for a while talking about important international issues. After 3 doses of nicotine, we decided to head inside and take a look on what the fudge is going on inside. As soon as I entered the professor came out of the exam hall and asked who wants to go first. Like they say, “curiosity killed the cow”, as usual I was the first one to walk into the hall. I had this strange voice inside my head saying “You bastard will walk out at the same pace with in minutes with a ‘epic fail’ marked on your face”.

As I found a seat in the last row of the hall and parked my butt on it, two other professors entered the room and one of them asked me if I was ready to answer. I told him that I need more time to prepare. some one else went to him to answer. As I sat there kept forgetting everything, I noticed that the guy who was answering had a lot of questions thrown his way. I was quite nervous waiting for my turn and it came.

My inner voice was telling me to quit and get my butt out of the room as soon as possible. I however, gathered up the courage to face the professor, in spite of not knowing everything that was on the question paper. Luckily enough, the professor himself dug the answers out of me. Finally after 30 minutes of discussion he decided to let me leave with 4/5. I’d sure have been happier to get 5/5, but like they say, “greed is a bad”.

Now it is time to get wasted!



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