Thought disorders – part 3

Obsessive-Phobic syndrome


Different types of persistent irrational ideas, e.g.,


Irrational burdensome operation with thoughts, symbols, words or numbers

Contrast ideas:

Irrational painful thoughts about possibility of dangerous or antisocial actions.


Persistent, irrational, exaggerated and invariably pathological fear of some specific type of stimulus or situation; results in a compelling desire to avoid the feared stimulus
Social phobia – fear of public humiliation, as in fear of public speaking, performing, or eating in public
Agoraphobia – fear of open places
Claustrophobia – fear of closed places
Nosophobia – fear of illness (e.g., cardiophobia, syphilophobia, AIDSphobia)
Thanatophobia – fear of death
Panphobia – fear of everything
Acrophobia – fear of high places
Xenophobia – fear of strangers
Zoophobia – fear of animals

Rituals (compulsions):

repeated symbolic actions, compulsive in nature, anxiety-reducing in origin

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